Parachute jumps (Skydive) in Lviv region

We invite everyone to  to experience the thrill of freefall at DropeZone Tsuniv – professional skydiving centre in Lviv region.


We offer:

Tandem skydiving – the most safe type of jump while securely attached in a harness to one of our instructors from 4000 m. 

The total cost for a tandem jump at Tsuniv dropezone is 4200 . The tandem skydiving package includes photos and a video of the skydive.

On the day of the skydive, our knowledgeable instructors will guide you through the entire process, and our talented camera flyers will capture every sensational second so you can re-live the experience again and again, and share it with friends and family around the world!

Static-line skydiving – solo parachute jump from 1200 m.

Your parachute opens automatically by a ‘static-line’ which is attached to the aircraft (so there is no freefall involved initially). You can then fly and land the parachute yourself. 

The price is 1800 . Static line parachuting includes ground-training and solo skydiving while supervised by Instructor.

Solo jump with parachute D-6 from 800 m – perfect for beginners – it is easy to use and safe. 

The total cost for solo jump is 930  which includes ground-training and solo skydiving while supervised by Instructor.

All types of solo jumps for experienced skydivers.


Arrive 8.45am for registration
9am starts your course of ground-training

During the day you will learn:

How your parachute equipment works and how to check and fit it.
How to board and exit the aircraft.
The correct body position to make a safe, solo and stable exit
How to recognise the airfield and land your parachute.
How to deal with any unforeseen situations or emergencies.


To book your skydive experiance contact us via Viber (093) 006 90 74, FaceBook messenger or book it online.




Skydiving centre Tsuniv is located 40 km away from Lviv

Приєднуйся до наших груп в
соціальних мережах!

Ділись своїми фото та відео зі стрибків. Отримуй новини з нашої DZ, а також відповіді інструкторів на свої запитання.

Літак Ан-2

Ми працюємо кожну суботу та неділю

Збір парашутистів початківців (початок роботи) о 10:00

Початківці парашутисти, бажаючі виконати самостійний стрибок - стежте за щотижневими анонсами.

  • Стрибок з 800 метрів - 600 грн.
  • Спортивний стрибок 1200м. - грн.
  • Спортивний стрибок 2200м. - грн.